feeder insider w/ Night Talk

feeder insider w/ Night Talk

feeder insider w/ Night Talk


feeder insider w/ Night Talk

Swiss music is contrast. Among these, Lukas Horst and Remo Studer, coming together as Night Talk, are pushing it with rocket-like house and smooth deep rhythms. November last year meant launching the first EP on Diynamic Records called “Four to the Floor”. ”Mind games” came out in December, immediately captivating Solomun’s focus through its ”devastating simpleness and elegance”. Ripples of interest for Black Sand EP, on AYM – the record label they run.

Night Talk duo are no strangers to parties and big events, last year performing live for Easter with Clockwork and Avatism at Hinterhof, Basel. Summer already began with an intense Garage event together with Joris Delacroix and a non-conventional appearance is being prepared for the Kapitel Bollwerk. Before dropping their new EP on AYM, Night Talk are kind to share a few words with us.

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Hello, Night Talk!

[please, fill in the blanks]

Basel is mostly renowned… for it’s cultural variety from Art Basel, Fondation Beyler and Kunstmuseum to it’s underground clubs like Nordstern or Hinterhof with an international reputation.
When we were young… we started our first experiments in music production with an old PC in Remo’s childhood room.
First time we met Sharam Jey… was at a gig we were both booked in Zurich. A really nice guy!
We got some unusual gear here, such as… handmade african instruments we sometimes record and use in our productions.
Underground in Switzerland is defined by… being under the ground?
I think talking to oneself is… sometimes important to keep your sanity.
AYM comes from… Art, Youth and Music.
One of the places we enjoy chilling out is… the border of the river Rhine in Basel.
3 hangover-curing artists are… Christian Löffler, Alma Negra and Jamie XX.

Alexandru Bogdan: Lukas Horst, Remo Studer, Night Talk, hello! Let’s start with the future, how are the summer preparations coming along? I see something coming up at Bern’s exquisite Kapitel Bollwerk, then the Diynamic crew departs for almost the entire summer to Ibiza. Where do you guys come in, are you going to join the Ibiza joyride or maybe you have other plans?

Night Talk: Hi Alexandru! We are enjoying the hot temperatures in Switzerland and are working on new music at the moment. We won’t be in Ibiza this season. We played a few gigs here and there in Switzerland and Germany. Some outdoor gigs and rooftop parties as well, which was so much fun. The next date we are looking forward to is to play a night with one of our all time heros Carl Craig at Hinterhof in Basel at the end of the month.


A.B.: Around September 2014 the Black Sand EP was being released on AYM, this year the same tracks inspired a new EP – Black Sand Remixes, which features tracks remixed by you guys, Translucent for Cartago and Alixander III (Azari & III) mastering the ”No Return”. What’s the idea behind AYM, are you into specific sounds? What’s the next release you guys will share with us?

Night Talk: AYM is our own small ‘do-it-yourself’-label, where we can release our own music or music of friends and artists we like. It’s still in the beginning and there’s no pressure or masterplan behind it.

The next release on AYM will be our ‘Dark Matter EP’ coming out on July 20 with three original productions and a remix by Human Life. We are really excited about the tracks. Solomun played most of them in his sets the last couple of month and the DJ feedback is very positive so far.

A.B.: You’ve made a remix for Coldplay’s “Midnight” track, how did you get in touch? How about some future collaboration, perhaps similar to the one you did with Louisahhh!!!?

Night Talk: Oh, that was not an official remix. It’s just an edit we did for ourselves for fun and for our friends. After a few weeks we uploaded it to Soundcloud but they took it down after a week. Somehow DJ Mag Netherland picked it up and voted it as the number one free download of the week.

And yes, we would like to do more collaboration work like with Louisahhh!!! in the future but there’s nothing in the pipeline right now.

A.B.: What exactly happens when someone like Solomun spins a track you just made, how does a music producer feel about that?

Night Talk: It’s just amazing seeing someone like Solomun playing your track in his Boiler Room set or at a big festival. We are very thankful. It gives you confidence and motivation to work even harder.


A.B.: Back in 2013 ”Dance with you” exploded on the ”Emancipation Proclamation” compilation powered by  Nurvous Records. The track featured you alongside house master Sharam Jey. The message was one of crucial evolutionary importance:

‘’Don’t be a slave to social media and news outlets … use your own ears and buy and support the music you love, we’ll keep doing our part and hope to meet you along the way.’’

Today we are surrounded by social media, how do you guys pierce through, focus, in order to find what you are looking for, and keep your filters pure, not dwelling too much into the banal?

Night Talk: As much as Facebook and all the other social medias are a source of information it is also a source of distraction. We try to focus on our music so there’s not much time left scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, but of course we use them as a promotional tool and to keep in touch with friends and fellow artists.

Night Talk

A.B.: As for the studio, there’s not much info out there for the readers, what kind of gear you guys use, what are your favourites? Tell us also a bit about how the day in the studio goes, is there anything in particular you enjoy starting with first before starting the creation of a tune?

Night Talk: We set up our studio in a garage outside of Basel. It’s great to work there. You don’t get distracted that much. We usually start around noon and work as long as we are inspired. We both have our own setup at home and when one has a good idea we go in the studio together and finish it.

We have a few hardware synths like the Juno 106, Nordlead 2, Waldorf Pulse or the Korg MS-10 and some outboard gear but we also use a lot of software synths and plugins. Just whatever sounds good and does the job.


A.B.: Many parties in Switzerland so far, how about the abroad scene, planning to attend any festivals, overseas events? Perhaps dropping into one of Romania’s clubs?

Night Talk: Yes, playing overseas or festivals would be great. And of course we would like to come to Romania! Let’s see what the future brings. But we would definitely love to tour more next year.


A.B.: Tell us a little about your past, how you came in contact with music, what made you walk this path?

Night Talk: We both started early with playing instruments like the violin or the guitar, when we first met, Remo was playing in a band and I was DJing in local clubs in Basel. We made our first steps in music production with a different project, where we were touring all over Europe but there was this urge to start something new and we began to start producing under the Night Talk moniker.

party w/ Night Talk


A.B.: We’re curious – what do you know about Romania’s electronic music? Are there any DJs or producers you’ve noticed by now?

Night Talk: Of course we know the guys from NTFO from the Diynamic crew and we like the music of Livio & Roby or Mihai Popoviciu but we have to admit that we are not that familiar with the Romanian electronic music scene. But maybe this will change after visiting your country J

A.B.: Swiss music scene is powerful with a lot of names playing for really large festivals. What’s happening with the underground scene, how does someone dodge the huge EDM waves?

Night Talk: There are some great underground heavywheights coming from Switzerland like Ripperton, Andrea Oliva, Deetron, Adriatique, Kalabrese or Luciano that get bigger and bigger every year and there is a solid fundament of newcomer DJs and producers we are sure you will hear from in the near future.

A.B.: Thank you!


Words Alexandru Bogdan
Photo Night Talk

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