CORESPONDENҬA / KORESPONDENCJA vernisaj + party @ Home Matasari
24 Ianuarie, 19:00

Flavia Popescu and Maja Demska are two obsessive sketchbook keepers and diary writers, restlessly documenting their inner landscapes and collecting anything that’s paper (from hand-printed exlibris to crumpled candy wrapper). Even though they live at the opposite ends of Europe and never met before, upon accidental meeting in Bucharest they’ve discovered striking emotional and aesthetical connections in their creative process.

This exhibition is an opportunity to peek through a keyhole at something that was never meant to be exhibited – the backstage of their art practice, infinitely in progress. Intimate and playful like a teenager’s diary, with similar issues (study of composition, the physical presence of the word) threaded through both artists’ countless sketchbooks.

Flavia Popescu (Flavism) is a master’s program student at Graphics Art department at UNArte in Bucharest. In 2012, she went to student exchange at the University of Arts in Poznań, Poland.

Maja Demska (Emma Dajska) is a master’s program student at Visual Communication department at the University of Arts in Poznań, Poland. Right now she’s an exchange student at UNArte in Bucharest.

They met in Bucharest in October 2014.

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