MOTORAMA || Special Guests: The Amsterdams @ Control

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MOTORAMA || Special Guests: The Amsterdams @ Control
4 decembrie, ora 21:00


The Amsterdams

Motorama este o trupă de post-punk din Rostov, Rusia. După albumele “Alps” și “Calendar” și sute de concerte în toată lumea, Motorama ajung pentru prima dată în România în cadrul turneului care prefațează următorul disc “Poverty”.

“Motorama is maybe the most popular band from Russia to date. One may criticize them for their obvious Joy Division/80ties Wave reference – but who isn’t influenced by Ian Curtis and Joy Division and the eighties sound in general?”

“It’s not everyday where you come across a musical group that absolutely blows you away. With some of the best sounding arrangements I’ve ever heard, Motorama’s follow-up album, “Calendar,” is an extraordinary accomplishment on all levels of production. This isn’t just the best album of the year, but one of the greatest albums in quite sometime.”

Acces: 20 lei

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