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Rusoaica Dinara Drukarova și-a făcut debutul în film în 1989, iar de atunci a jucat în zeci de filme rusești și europene, lucrând cu regizori ca Aleksey Balabanov sau Michael Haneke. Ultimul film în care o putem vedea este regizat de românca Eva Pervolovici, Marussia. Am vorbit cu Dinara și am aflat mai multe despre ea și despre actorie în insiderul de săptămâna aceasta.

In the hour before shooting, I…It depends, but usually it is “coffee and cigarettes ”
The morning starts well with…Eyes wide shut
I find inspiration in…Music and people
In one year, I’ll be…Myself
If I weren’t acting, I would be…Training tigers in the circus
The city closest to my heart is…All the cities by night
Dinara in three words…Flesh, trash, heat …No, I’m joking!It is more “Je t’aime moi non plus “.Sorry, more then three words
I’m the happiest when…I’m in love

Ana Grama: Dinara, it’s such an honor talking to you. You’re Russian, but you spend half of your time in France. What’s your relationship with these two countries? Why France?
Dinara Drukarova: Russia is my native country. I was born there and left at the age of 21. So it’s my childhood, my parents, my roots. But France is the country of my heart, of independence and freedom. Why France? The river of life brought me here and I’m in harmony with place and people.

A: “Of freaks and men” was quite a controversial movie. Did it affect or influence your career in any way?
D: Of course it’s affected my life! Because of meeting and working with Alexei Balabanov! It’s an unforgettable experience. And the film is great. Very special, but so beautiful. I’m happy to be part of it.

A: Speaking of bold acting choices, what aspects of a movie make you say “Yes, I want to be part of this”? What roles are you most attracted to, how do you choose them?
D: The story is very important for me. What I want to tell, what I want to make people feel, understand. This is the most important for me. The role that attracts me is the role that I feel from the bottom of my head till the bottom of my foot ( Russian expression:))

A: “Marussia” was a touching story, and your bond with the little girl was very intense on-screen. How did you get along when filming? What made you say yes to the role of the mother?
D: Because the idea of the film pleased me. To see the world from the point of view of a child. The relationship between mother and daughter, where sometimes the roles between them changes and the child seems to be more responsible and reasonable then the adult. And also the fact that we never know what life reserves us. As about working with a child it is like a beautiful nightmare:)

A: How do you spend your time when you’re not working?
D: It’s a secret

A: Thank you very much, Dinara! Can’t wait to see your next movies!

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