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The limits of technique after the Fasteco Age
curators: Cosmina Chituc & Alexandru Branişte [RO]
artists: Nicu Ilfoveanu / Jan Eugen / Michele Bressan
Starting: Wednesday, 16.01.2013, 6 P.M. (work in progress)
Atelier 030202 (Bucharest, 11 Sf. Vineri)


Following the invitation of the organizers of the 5th edition of IEEB, Square Media proposes an experimental studio inviting the artists Nicu Ilfoveanu and Michele Bressan, together with Jan Eugen, to make a collective work.

As the discussion about the image is beyond the technology of its production, as well The limits of technique after the Fasteco Age is going beyond exhibition practice and a studio of pushing standards and mechanical processes begins. The meaning of this work is different from the unitary concept of an unic visual sign. It refers visualy and practically to the work on a determined field. The perspectives, posibilities and limits are indeterminated and precisely is differences work together.


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