GLITTERATI @ Post Cochet

PISI love present GLITTERATI @ Post Cochet

Let me tell you what this is all about.

It’s about the fantasies of a nation becoming real for one night and one night only.

It’s the night when you’ll just wanna feel humiliated, when the girls will show that glowing bikini wax and make Mr. Happy Pants happy, the night of the kings and queens of apes, of fat men with small penises, the night when the legendary alcoholics will be able to drink rivers of whiskey and then piss glitter in public on the walls of the old embryo, the night when the most perverted of you will rip your male partner’s clothes off, when the pin-up girls of the universe will tickle your ego with feathers thorn from live ostriches.

Does all this seem grotesque? Oh, don’t panic, it’s BURLESQUE!.


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