Club Action – FutureCop (Exclusive Mix)

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Club Action - FutureCop (Exclusive Mix)

We are very excited to announce the official launch of the Club Action! Exclusive Mix Series. For the first installment, we have chosen a name we fell in love with from the first audition. If you’re into the retro electro revival, then FUTURECOP! will definitely become your addiction. In this 26-minute audio journey, they seamlessly clash together famous RnB anthems of the 90s by artists such as Jay-Z, TLC and LL Cool J with five of their own original jewels! This is definitely a download you don’t wanna miss!!

1. Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross- Best Things in Life are Free
2. Inner Circle- Sweat
3. Futurecop!- Boom
4. LL Cool J- Curious
5. TLC- Baby Baby Baby
6. R. Kelly- You’ve Got That Vibe
7. Futurecop! – Ain’t That Fresh
8. Futurecop! feat Yo Majesty- Hey Heartthrob
9. Another Level feat Jay-Z- No More
10. Futurecop!- Parents R Aliens
11. Futurecop!- Forget About Me
12. Alexander O’Neal- If you were here tonight


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