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Sunteti invitati la o intalnire cu Guillaume Le Goff, co-fondator Clark Magazine, in prima instanta prin cuvintele sale (mai jos). Povestea completa – sambata, 22 August la Teatrul de vara CAPITOL


I’m french, i used to be a young rookie but now im an adult i guess.
But life is always about having fun and stay passionnated and open to the world !
I was born in 1974 in the west countryside of France in a small city called Cholet, best known for its basketball team but better of rme because Cholet was of the first city here to have a skateboard ramp in the end of 80’s. As i was living close by this area, as a teenager we use me and my friend to go to see the skateboarders and party there in one of the most famous earlier skateboard event called Authentic Skate Week-end at Platoon skatepark. Then, i started skateboarding and felt in love with it, the friendship, the hardcore and freedom side of it, but its incredible worldwide new rising culture also : music (rock, punk, metal, rap, reggae…), art, fashion… A crazy new world for me !
Then, i started doing fanzines with my friend (called Insane and Matsa, one of the earlier french zines i guess héhé) as i enter the organisation of the Authentic Skate Week-end crew (Camoufale Street Club) while continue my studies (international bizness, foreign languages and communication/journalism).
Skateboard brought me, here its true.

I then started organise Hip-Hop parties and events. I started curated art shows.
Then i collaborated as a freelance journalist with french magazines as RER, Tricks, Tribecca, etc.
In 1999 i finished my studies (and while i almost went to Miami to work, damn it…) i finally arrive in Paris to work for Tricks, a successfull independent skateboard magazine.
Soon the year after, with the team, we decided to launch a new magazine, a magazine that didnt exist in France in that time, a magazine that we’d love to read ourself, we, the kids of the 80’s Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) culture : I was the co-editor in chief of new born CLARK magazine. It embodied all what we love in life : music (all types of good music), art, design, culture, fashion, toys, sneakers, technologies, etc.
First a trimestrial magazine (in newstands all over France 35.000 ex. every 3 months) from 2001 to 2005, then a bi-mestrial, Clark became and still is the first lifestyle & street culture French magazine. We have work with so much people its sometimes impossible for me to name them all : Obey (sheypard fairey), Ed Templeton, Parra, Alife, Reas, Mike Giant, Barry Mc Gee, PAM, RazaUno, Grotesk; Akroe, Steven Harrington, Stefan Marx, Eric Elms… and so many talented artists, musicians (TTC, Justice…), photographers (Glen E Friedman, Ari Marcopoulos, Shawn Mortensen, Peter Sutherland, Tim Barber, Patrick O’Dell…) and legends (Erik Brunetti/Fuct, Yone, Allen Benedict…) like that, but also of course new and upcoming talents from all over Europe and the World now !!!
I also had for 6 years the only club party (called U.S.R. – were i was also a resident DJ) at the legendary club Rex Club in Paris : it was the beginning of the electro/rap/funk/rock mix with all new generations and looks, they were very successfull bt I decided to stop to focuse more on the magazine and also other events we do every weeks here and all over France.
Now we’re in 2009, Clark is almost 10 years old and better than never i think.
Our audience is larger than it used to be.
Clark became a “ccol” brand !
I’m 35 years old, i dind’t see the time passed… It’s crazy ahaha.
Im the editor in chief of Clark magazine, i also manage the bizness side with ads, promotions and partnerships
I travelled the whole world and still do for all that funny and passionnated game.
I also work as a consultant for brands & agencies
I still meet a lot of very interesting people everywhere i go
The world is fantastic in this perspective !
One day, soon or later, i think i’m gonna go work on new challenges, with new people, maybe in a new country.
Where, when ? Who knows !
I think i always stayed (and still do) by a rule : the “Positive Rage”.
Its my hardcore line, my own politic : always work, always learn, always open your mind… But always stay cool ahah !

See you soon,
Guillaume Le Goff”

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