Interviu exclusiv SKREAM

“I caught up with Skream before his set in Bucharest on April 24th.

Friendly and easy-going, you can hardly guess Skream will go for a bit of crowd-surfing in the middle of his set. Which he did, and that was such an incredible moment!

I showed him the questions that I’d prepared for the interview, and the first thing he said was “I’m happy you’re not asking me what is dubstep. I get that at every interview”.

So no, I didn’t ask him what dubstep is, but I did ask about his being chased by a police helicopter, what it’s like to become famous when you’re young, the pressure around his first album, dubstep becoming more popular. And a bit about the album that he’s working on now. A little bit.

And I asked him about the set that he was about to perform. “I don’t know, I’ll just do what I do, and if people like it..” And the people loved it. The set was great. If you’ve listened to Watch the Ride or Rinse 02 you have a faint idea of what it was like, but only a faint one.

A huge thank you goes out to Get Messy and TRG, for making this interview possible.”

Alex Rosu

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