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Interviu exclusiv The Glitch Mob


The Glitch Mob are the fresh new sensation coming straight from the LA party scene. They’ve developed a unique sound that’s hardly classifiable. They’re dynamic, they love to perform, and they’ll play in Gaia on December 3rd.

Check back on the morning of December 3rd for an exclusive video feature with The Glitch Mob. In the mean time, consider the following Q&A a sneak preview. How’s your European tour going?
The Glitch Mob: So far Europe has been off the chain. We love Valencia, Spain. The paella was incredible, we watched a man called Jesus eat a cigarette and a group of drunk Spanish MILF’s took a liking to us. Copenhagen was amazing too. We saw an old man in an electric wheelchair watch a prostitute take a leak, and then we got to see that same prostitute proposition us to have sex while she was still taking a leak. The Copenhagen show was also the first time our technical rider has ever been fully fulfilled, which was quite a miracle seeing as English isn’t even their first language. The London show was probably the best one thus far. Amazing vibe. Manchester was also insane. We played at the Warehouse Project which is a car park that they convert into a 2000 person venue on weekends. We played in a room with our homie Gaslamp Killer, Mary Anne Hobbs, and Caspa and Rusko. Sheer insanity. Is this your first time performing in front of European crowds? How do they compare to the American ones?
The Glitch Mob: We have separately toured Europe but this is our first time touring as a band. I think the main difference is that we already have somewhat of a fan base in America so people generally know what to expect. In Europe we’re pretty much unknown and people are experiencing our show for the first time. It’s great to see our music so well received here. Tell us a bit about your shows: how exactly do you interact with the crowd?
The Glitch Mob: We’re excited about our music and we like it when the crowd gets excited about our music. We’re passionate about our shows and we like to hype up the crowd. And how is that interaction reflected in your sound?
The Glitch Mob: Our sound is pretty high energy in nature. People hear our stuff and they get hype. It’s a beautiful thing. Is this why you have such a diverse sound, why you’re all over the place musically speaking?
The Glitch Mob: No not really. We have a diverse sound because we just do what inspires us. So how did your band’s name “The Glitch Mob” come about?
The Glitch Mob: It started out as a joke and it just stuck. I hear you’re recording an album; is it studio recording?
The Glitch Mob: Yes it’s going to be a studio album. But then, isn’t a studio album the exact opposite of what The Glitch Mob is all about?
The Glitch Mob: Not really. We have always made our music in the studio and reconstructed it for live performances. What’s attractive about going around town, stopping and playing your music in the middle of street (or sidewalk)?
The Glitch Mob: We normally do not do renegade street performances. That was something that was specifically done for XLR8R. Is there any message you want to send to the party-people of Bucharest, concerning your gig?
The Glitch Mob: We are excited to come to Bucharest. We’re very thankful for the opportunity and we hope everyone enjoys the show.

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