Kahn of Finland

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Kahn of Finland LIVE!
Lacul Tei, Str Glodeni
JOI 18 Septembrie
23:00 hours

De la Tom Wilson citire:

The Cabaret excitement continues apace! Kahn of Finland will be performing as a LIVE BAND on JOI the 18th of Septembrie! Plus, all you hipsters are invited to an exclusive pre-party thang at COCHET IMAGE STORE (the old Embryo) where me and Flore Boy Wonder will also be spinning. Actually, I’m not sure if you are invited, but it’s worth giving it a go in an effort to schmooze with Bucharest’s movers and shakers while snaffling a skinfull of drink free booze. If anyone stops you on the door, try the old ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am?’ trick. Tell them that DJ Flore invited you.


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