Se cauta graficieni si webdesigneri pentru Temps d’images

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Partenerii europeni ai proiectului Temps d’images cauta un grafician si webdesigner pentru crearea unui logo comun si schimbarea site-ului actual.
Persoanele interesate de acest apel pot trimite o propunere de logo si 4 pagini de site pana la data de 28 august 2008.
Trei propuneri vor fi selectionate din Romania pentru a fi prezentate in cadrul selectiei finale care urmeaza sa aiba loc la inceputul lunii septembrie. Site-ul trebuie sa fie gata in luna octombrie.
Va fi acordat un onorariu pentru cele trei propuneri selectionate pentru Romania.
Mai jos gasiti informatii detaliate cu privire la cerintele partenerilor europeni Temps d’images. Pentru orice intrebari puteti sa contactati partenerul roman, Asociatia ArtLink la adresa de mail miki@artlink.

TEMPS D’IMAGES – logo and website

Project brief for a call for proposal


The objective of this call for proposal is to create a new logo and a new website, for the European festival and network TEMPS D’IMAGES.

Create a new logo and its graphic charter

As a flagship activity representing the network, the European festival is known by the same name across all ten of the host countries: “TEMPS D’IMAGES”.

Since each partner has his own visual and graphic identity for his own festival, the logo TEMPS D’IMAGES will be the only graphic identifying common for all. It will be a sort of common signature or label, marking the belonging to a same family.

It should evoke the ideas of culture, sharing, opening, discovering, crossover, Europe …

It will be used by all the European partners on every kind of documents: posters, advertising, programs, press files, etc.

It has therefore to be easy to use on every supports, and beside any kind of visual.

A graphic charter will define precisely the way to use this logo.

Create a new website

The new website will replace the previous one

The website is common to all the European partners and is intended for a European audience. It provides complete information about the partner festivals across Europe (program, schedule, venues, artists, etc.), as well as information about the network TEMPS D’IMAGES.

The new logo and its graphic charter will be a determining factor for the creation of the website graphic identity.

Many photos and videos of performances, artists and creations presented by the festivals TEMPS D’IMAGES can be provided to the respondents and be used to create the website graphic identity.

The new logo and website must be operational by October 2008.


Created in 2002 by ARTE – the Cultural TV Channel – and La Ferme du Buisson – a national theater in Marne-la-Vallée, near Paris – TEMPS D’IMAGES is a festival which supports the growing performing arts and moving images scene.

Defined by a common theme, the meeting point between performing arts and the world of the moving image, TEMPS D’IMAGES started life as a interdisciplinary arts festival. Through the process of increasing its partnership activities and widening its geographical reach, TEMPS D’IMAGES grew into a network in 2005.

Project Brief – website

The objective is to create a new website, taking into consideration both the positive qualities and the defects of the previous one. In particular, the new website should be more clear, topical, readable and interactive.

The website is intended for a European audience and must provide all the information in two languages: French and English.
The organisation of information will stay overall the same as previously, but many points have to be improved.
We especially insist on the following points:

> The organisation of information

– Organizational structure of the website (menu)
– Consistency of the information and design (graphic identity, colours, links and headings for each partner).
– Interactivity: make a greater use of flash/video content to give a more representative of the content of the festival (the 2007 website was very “static”) ; surprise people, by original navigation (even if a classical one can be maintained for practical info).

> Homepage

– Readability of information : font, colours, layout
– Differentiation of the two languages (French and English)
– Value given to each European partner (name and logo of each body)
– Space allowed for the network’s current events and activities (news on the current festival, interviews of artists, etc.)

> Each partner’s page

– Consistency of all partner’s pages.
– Consistency of the headings of each partner : schedule / practical information / contacts / links on each partner website / press…)
– Emphasis on the introduction of each venue.
– Space for the communication documents of each partner (press file, program, videos).
– Specific page for all the partners of each country.


– A specific space for the European network has to be created : list of the artists presented in all the countries / list of the works and performances shown in the partner countries…

– The purpose of the new site will also to be a work-based tool for exchange between professionals and to be a space for artistic creation and exchange (linked to net art projects).

A new space for professionals has therefore to be created.

> Administration of the website “content management”

– Content Management : each country should be able to post its own content in reserved sections of the website.
– A superadministrator should have the rights to maintain the whole website, and be alerted anytime a country posts something.
– Content management tool should be easy to use, with wysiwyg editor and, if possible, should allow video posts.

What we expect for the respondents

A short introduction to show us its understanding of our context, and what kind of constraints they can anticipate for the website.
A vision of a new site architecture, and suggestions for a more creative and interactive approach of our communications.
Some creative drafts (moodboards? ) to allow us perceive the future website design.
A recommendation for the technical side of the website: content management tool, search engine optimization, statistics, etc.
A detailed financial offer highlighting the different tasks of the agency and the costs per persona.
A detailed project plan.
A few references on similar projects would be a bonus.


For more information on the festival TEMPS D’IMAGES, on this brief or on the festival’s communications policy, please contact Ms Frédérique Champs f-champs@artefrance .fr (coordination of TEMPS D’IMAGES).

Eleven European co-organisers and a partner in Montreal , representing a wide spectrum of cultural organisations and contexts, yet bound by a common purpose and a shared set of values, are involved in this network :

ARTE – Issy les Moulineaux – France
For the past fifteen years the European cultural television channel ARTE with its wide range of arts programmes promotes artistic freedom by broadcasting artists’ viewpoints and explaining the relevance and originality of their outlooks. It is committed to presenting a way of looking at the world that respects cultural diversity and has an innovative approach to television through making brave choices in terms of plays, fiction, cinema and documentaries. A committed figure in the European cultural scene, ARTE has been developing an off-screen policy of cultural action for several years, its association with TEMPS D’IMAGES being a key plank in this area of work.

La Ferme du Buisson – Noisiel – France
Coordinator. For over a decade, a deliberately cross-cutting programme has established La Ferme du Buisson as an innovative support structure for contemporary interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary arts (theatre, dance, music, circus, etc.) and a European performance venue. La Ferme du Buisson attracts some 120 000 spectators per year.

Tanzhaus nrw – Düsseldorf – Germany
The tanzhaus nrw is an international venue devoted to contemporary dance that has a well-earned reputation as a co-producer of the highest calibre in its field.

Les Halles de Schaerbeek – Brussels – Belgium
Les Halles is a unique venue with a multidisciplinary programme that has earned it a special place in the Belgian cultural landscape.

Trafó – Budapest – Hungary
Trafó is a Mecca for the performing arts in Hungary , which offers a wide range of artists concrete possibilities for experimentation and innovation, hence breaking down barriers between artforms and countries.

Romaeuropa – Rome – Italy
Each year the Romaeuropa festival dedicated to international contemporary arts stages a rich programme of cultural events in Rome ‘s key venues.

Duplacena – Lisbon – Portugal
Thanks to TEMPS D’IMAGES, the Duplacena independent performing arts production company has emerged as a central player in the Lisbon performing arts scene over the last few years.

CSW Zamek Ujazdowski– Warsaw – Poland
This arts centre, a major name in the performing arts in Poland , was open to the multidisciplinary artworks presented by TEMPS D’IMAGES. Associated with the network since 2005, CSW Zamek Ujazdowski now joins as a co-organiser.

Von Krahli Teater – Tallinn – Estonia
Since 1998 this theatre has been developing a very contemporary approach open to other artforms, and has now joined TEMPS D’IMAGES together with Kultuurikatel, a network associate since 2007.

ArtLink – Bucharest – Romania
ArtLink is an independent cultural organisation and a new platform for multidisciplinary artistic production and distribution, which supports artists practically and financially to stimulate alternative means of artistic expression in Romania as well as proposing international cultural events (festivals, dance events, etc.).

Garajistanbul – Istanbul – Turkey
Opened in January 2007, this brand new multidisciplinary arts centre and distribution house in Istanbul offers local and international artists a unique outlet for artistic expression in Turkey .

USINE C – Montréal – Canada
Ancienne friche industrielle à l’architecture modulable, haut lieu de création et de diffusion pluridisciplinaire et international

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