“NOUTATI” la Galeria Andreiana Mihail

Andreiana Mihail Gallery

9 February – 8 March 2007
Opening reception: Thursday, February 8th, 2007, 7.00 pm

NOUTATI”- Ciprian Muresan & Cristi Pogacean

“A box that looks like an inverse advertisement for a country, an absurdist play enacted by people who seem to be lying casually on the streets, a flag that is not a flag that is not a flag.
Dissimilar in strategy, the three works in the show reassemble the phantom limbs of the societal body into an image as disturbing as finding the predictions of an old science fiction film in today’s news.
Ciprian Muresan and Cristi Pogacean compose the image of a society delocalized and still, trapped between two catastrophic upheavals – one real, rooted in ideological brutality, and another projected, like a glimpse of doom surging from current political affairs. This collective body does what it knows best, endlessly rehearsing ideological gaps and incomplete identities, mistaking one for another.
While offering the script and props for a story of uncertain transition, the exhibition is a case of drastically un-relational aesthetics, inviting reflection on the ways in which the social tissue disintegrates and political catatonia sets in.”

Ciprian Muresan (b. 1977), co-founder of Version Magazine, has been invited to numerous shows throughout Europe in public and private spaces. He was part of the exhibition “Cluj Connection” at Haunch of Venison Gallery, Zurich in November 2006, the inaugural show “Small Wonder” at Andreiana Mihail Gallery and “The State of the Endangered Body”, at Trafo Gallery in Budapest. His forthcoming solo exhibition at Kontainer Gallery in Los Angeles is scheduled for March 2007.

Cristi Pogacean (b. 1980, lives and works in Tirgu-Mures, Romania. His recent group shows include “Cluj Connection” at Haunch of Venison and “Please Drive Slowly Through our Land” at Kontainer Gallery, Los Angeles. He is one of the artists who represent Romania at Venice Biennale 2007, curator Mihnea Mircan. He was also present in “Dada East? The Romanians of Cabaret Voltaire”, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich.

Text by Mihnea Mircan

Andreiana Mihail Gallery
146, Aurel Vlaicu St.
Bucharest – Romania
Phone: +40 722 650 221
Email: info@andreianamihail.com

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