Wow! Ce flow are. Si versuri foarte OK, gen: “kids.. if you want to piss off your parents – show interest in the arts” 🙂

Asadar, piesa asta e cu dedicatie, fara numar, de la mine pentru moderatorii de la Antena 3.

Im just here to hold your hand when you die
and to show you around imaginary places
puttin many lumps on my bloody stump
edible habits so I bit the perfect circle
die in your sleep with the sky at your feet
ill shoot you when your happy on the day that you will find peace
how did you do it, i dont know, im ok
every person i know is a secret sorta agent
cuz im accused of lewd conducts
(all prove hard to rate the prompts?) (**my guess**)
any kind of rumor for em, may they rest to put me in a loony bin
a funny farm a coo coo but they need a villian

lyrics here.

-via Tudor
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