Paul K – Many Rooms Vol. I LP [Crowd Control]

Paul K - Many Rooms Vol. I LP [Crowd Control]

Many Rooms Vol. I by Paul K [Crowd Control]

Despite the chaos of this world, an artist finds sanctuary in their creative process, retreating into their inner world to bring forth personal experiences and share them with others.

In turn, we lend our ears and listen. This time, we are paying full attention to ”Many Rooms”, Paul K‘s debut album of ambient and experimental music.

Seven unique tracks, each bearing the artistic signature of Paul K. While the tracks vary in style, they all share a personal touch, showing how sound can express emotions and impact our inner feelings.

‘’Many Rooms’’ also marks a reference moment for the Crowd Control label, by supporting an album through which Paul explores new musical frontiers that distance themselves from the rhythms of club music.

Always in an experimental and innovative mindset, Paul K is perpetually inclined to venture into unexplored territories, consistently molding and refining his distinctive sonic imprint.

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