Doubtingthomas – Clockwork EP [Suleiman]

Doubtingthomas - “Clockwork” EP [Suleiman]

Doubtingthomas – “Clockwork” EP [Suleiman]

Doubtingthomas needs little introduction to many fans of deep tech/minimal, as his underground style is regularly supported by the genre’s most respected DJs. He is known for his consistency of sound, and ability to find the perfect balance between hypnotic percussion and an immersive atmosphere.

His new release is a three-track EP that comes via Canadian record label Suleiman, and it features a selection of styles ranging from the hypnotic groove of “Clockwork” to the laid-back vibe of “Syncopation 1992.”

The release’s opening track “Stop for a Minute” is a trippy track with raw percussion and a bumping groove that’s cut by dubby synths and swelling sirens. Vocal textures washed in delay add to the flow of the fast-paced rhythms that create an upbeat energy.

Track two, “Clockwork,” is a mesmerising track with atmospheric vocal textures adding to the shuffling rhythms of the percussion. The shimmering lead synth plays a hypnotising melody line that dance between the dynamic percussion rhythms.

The last track, “Syncopation 1992,” has a dreamy aesthetic with floating pads and a melodic bassline. It’s a stripped-back and atmospheric cut that has haunting vocals reminiscent of Nina Simone.

You can buy a copy of this release HERE.

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