Marius Costache & Obeah – Living In The Present EP [Studio 148]

Marius Costache & Obeah - "Living In The Present" [Studio 148]

Marius Costache & Obeah – Living In The Present

Some of my favorite albums in Romania and Bulgaria are produced, mixed and mastered by Marius Costache of Studio148.

I am so proud of this ambient/noise dub collaboration we did because it reminds me of my favorite songs from projects of his: Environments and Discordless.

Living Is the Present is one of my oldest lyrics, but right now in December 2023 it is very much a life motto.

I have no idea what 2024 brings, but hopefully, it will be just as good as these blessed collaborations I have had with Marius and like-minded peers and talented artists!

Marius Costache is a music artist, studio engineer and Bucharest-based music producer. His passion regarding sound transcends the modern thin line of musical genre and steps into the world where sonic laws are meant to be just an example, not a path.

He is Discordless, performs with Environments and Febra and from his Studio148 has produced, mixed and mastered ambient music, electronic, hip-hop, post-rock, noise, folk, classical, jazz, post-hardcore and Balinese sounds for bands like Goran Bregovic, Mytrip aka Angel Simitchiev, Valerinne, Cyberian, White Walls, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, EMIL, COMA and labels like his own 148, dunk!records and our Bulgarian neighbors AMEK.

Marius Costache – sounds, production, mix, master
Obeah – vocals, samples
Cristiana Bucureci – collage

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