Noema drops his new cosmic jazz album ‘ONE’

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Noema drops his new cosmic jazz album ‘ONE’

Noema is an exciting music producer from Germany whose new electronic release is an album that combines orchestral instrumentation with electronic drum patterns.

Titled ‘ONE,’ the release orientates around one continuous track that lasts a total of 45 minutes. The inspiration behind the music links to a minimal music classic by Terry Riley called ‘In C.’

The musicians who play on ‘ONE’ were each given 56 melodic patterns to play in sequence, but they can switch between the patterns at a rate of their own choosing. This adds a free-flowing jazz element to the release.

The album is not really aimed at DJs, as it’s a continuous piece of music that seems to exist as a self-contained concept. It’s also accompanied by a wonderful story that helps bring the music to life by adding an otherworldly element.

It’s a quirky story about beings from another dimension getting trapped in our reality, and they have to put on shows, as their music powers a portal for them to return home. The playful nature of these beings helps people in our reality connect with their inner child, and rediscover how to connect with people through play. The album’s story is best told by the below comic strip that was designed and conceptualised by Noema…

Videos from the project and other interactive material will be released in the next few weeks via Noema’s Instagram account.

The story told by the album also comes to life in a live setting, as when taking the album on tour, it will be accompanied by a stage performance. Costumed characters from the comic will tell the story of the music through interpretive dance, and invite members of the audience to join them on stage to create an interactive experience.

Released as a gatefold vinyl and also a digital download, you can purchase a copy of the album HERE

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