Idoipe – Tañen Furo LP [Discos el Tragaluz]

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Idoipe - Tañen Furo LP [Discos el Tragaluz]

Idoipe sets out on an expedition through the rugged mountains of northern Aragón with Tañen Furo

Hailing from Zaragoza, this artist has just unveiled, courtesy of Discos el Tragaluz, not only his second full-length album but also the accompanying soundtrack for a documentary that bears his name, “Tañen Furo.” This documentary delves into the life of the artist and his adventures in the Aragonese Pyrenees, where the enchanting sounds of the region seamlessly meld with electronic music.

Following the release of several singles that delved into the rich folklore of Aragón, Idoipe presented his debut album, ‘Cierzo lento,’ in 2021, seamlessly blending his experience as a musician and his electronic influences with a profound love for his homeland.

This work captured the attention of an independent record label in Madrid, affording him the opportunity to perform on diverse stages across Spain.

Presently, Idoipe ventures into the heart of the northern Aragon mountains, seeking to unearth inspiration and harness the natural elements to infuse each sound with musical significance. From the gentle whispers of the wind and the murmuring of water to the melodic tinkle of cattle bells and the thundering resonance of waterfalls, to traditional instruments and the rhythmic strike of axes, he aims to fuse these elements with his electronic foundations to craft new compositions.

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