DEO CADAVER – Zombie Radio LP

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DEO CADAVER - Zombie Radio LP

Zombie Radio Resurrected: A Journey Through DEO CADAVER’s Time-Traveling Music

Veteran Swiss DJ and producer Christophe ‘Daze’ Dasen aka Plastique De Rêve releases Zombie Radio a full-length digital album of unreleased tracks and instrumentals from his 1980s EBM / industrial band DEO CADAVER via Bandcamp.

It’s a true old-school concept album, that being the cadaver of a broken radio, a “Zombie Radio” half buried in a voodoo swamp, that suddenly comes back to life out of an unknown invisible energy and plays music from a time long gone –

DEO CADAVER music, tuning through the channels at dierent points in space-time, reecting the bands’ evolution and inuences over their 6 years of existence.

The tracks are featured chronologically from 1987 to 1993, according to the date of their creation. The listener will be well advised to tune the Zombie Radio and check tracks all across the album playlist, as the bands’ gear, sound and inuences varied greatly over time!

Released on Friday 13th October 2023

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