Brazilian Fran Bortolossi presents “The Day After” EP on Odyssey Rec, label of Antonella Giampietro

Fran Bortolossi - The Day After EP

Minimal House with a lot of class and harmony

A name well known to the Brazilian crowd, Fran Bortolossi has been DJing for at least 15 years and has been producing for 10 years.

He created Colours, a landmark party in the South of Brazil that has had over 100 editions, and throughout his career he still gained residency at the renowned Warung Beach Club; in addition, he performed at other venues such as Pacha (Barcelona), Watergate (Berlin), Gazgolder (Moscow) and Egg (London), just to mention a few, that is, his name is undoubtedly synonymous with music quality.

Fran Bortolossi - The Day After  EP

His work is also featured in the studio part, with music that permeate House, Deep House, Tech House and Minimal House. “I always give priority to the groove, I love to see people dancing, truly. I prefer songs with melodies, vocals, harmonies and swinging Drums”, he comments.

To demonstrate this, he presents his newest work, The Day After EP, which was released on Friday (23) by Antonella Giampietro’s label, Odyssey Rec. In addition to the original, the album also features “Cloudy Days”, featuring Arthur Wolff and Beto Scopel.

“It’s an EP that well carries my music identity. The first song is more energetic, to play closing the warm up or after the warm up. The second is deeper, I recorded with Arthur and Beto the guitars and trumpets, it is one of the most artistic works I ever did as a producer”, he says. 

It costs nothing to check how this work ended up, play it and, if you like it, support the artists by getting your copy from Beatport.

Artist: Fran Bortolossi
Title: The Day After EP
Record label: Odyssey Rec
Cat. #: PROTON11
Release date: 23.04.2021

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