Kindclap debuts with “Mess is More EP”, a melodic Ep with a hypnotic soul

Kindclap is a solo project by the Italian artist Giuseppe Cinalli, born after some years of experience with the ambient/electronica collective “Antartica”, which is still running with many amazing productions.

The idea was to break away from the quiet moods of Ambient music, in favor of greater pace and movement in the beats, but keeping an hypnotic soul.

The aim of “Mess is More EP” is to create something you can dance too, but also appreciate in a more intimate way during an home listening sessions, waiting for the moment we will meet again on the dancefloor.

Kindclap used a plethora of physical instruments and effects to create this beautiful ep, including Moog Sub 37
Dave Smith OB6, Roland TR-808 , Elektron Analog 4, Elektron Analog Rytm, MFB Tanzbar, Korg Minilogue
and effects like Strymon BigSky and Strymon Timeline, keeping the vocal samples as minimal as possible, to focus on the melodies and not disrupt this immersive listening.

Out on the digital stores now, don’t miss it!


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