Kenah 2018 – 2020 discography

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Kenah 2018 - 2020 bandcamp discography available

Kenah 2018 – 2020 discography available on Bandcamp

“After a long period of acknowledging every aspect music stands on, I decided to publish some music I produced these past few years. Very passionate about music, I looked upon every domain it can be related with, and expanded my understanding about it, because as is important, when you know and put your memory to work in doing certain things, you will have the power to develop the skills needed to master it, thus not only doing matters but what your mind and memory can understand behind what is. Being said, I made between 2018 and 2020 some music I want people to know about and care to listen. Secondly, the analogue and hardware synths sounds are original as it can be, with the rarity it gives to the artist’s value. The composition is part techno, part minimal, sometimes mellow or powerful, but not to forget about the beat which always is energic! Lastly, the production of melodies and rhythms are well put in front because of my seriousity and dedication. I strongly recommend you whatever song from my postings and I wish you all the best in life to entertain your ears properly. :)” – Kenah


Explore the entire discography on Bandcamp:

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