Luigii Nieto unleashes Jeremiah 22 on Freakin909

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Luigii Nieto – Jeremiah 22 [Freakin909]

Is it Techno? Is it Tech? Is it House? Not sure… The only sure thing is that Jeremiah 22, Luigii Nieto’s latest release on massive imprint Freakin909, is a monster! The unusual blend of the Techno bass-drum, tech-house cymbals and growling bassline infused with the reverb of that signature Spanish guitar give Luigii’s track its distinctive sound. Imagine being in a club and hearing “This is God’s Message” before that huge kick of the drop comes in. Goosebumps alert!

Luigii Nieto was born in Madrid, Spain in 1983. With over 12 years of experience in the electronic music industry, he is one of the most respected DJs and producers in the scene. His ability to adapt in every situation and his elegance behind the decks, have made him a crowd favourite, either for small events or at big music festivals where he is regularly playing.

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