ALTCVA in the Sky

ALTCVA - Party in the Sky 2

ALTCVA in the Sky

Fresh from the oven, we offer you a new party concept. As we all love great sunsets and astounding sounds, this weekend, on July 14th, between 18:00 and 23:00, you have the opportunity to experiment both. We are planning an intimate day-time party with good music and nice people, in a very special spot, right in the heart of Timișoara.

Sky Restaurant’s 6th-floor rooftop terrace will be our host, so you’ll all be able to overlook Timișoara’s beautiful skyline. Is this a dream come true? Be aware! Smiling and dancing might be hard to resist.

ALTCVA promotes local communities, so our lineup for this party consists of local techno artists, with an international reputation and a unique approach. Vladimirescu, a young DJ mixing with several international techno artists will open the party. Chriss Zahary, one of the well-known artists of the techno community, will spice up the good vibes with a complex, rhythmic style, residing in a personal arrangement of house, jackin house and deep. The positive vibes will be completed by Widovski, who combines minimal with techno and house, creating true musical reveries.

”We have chosen this special place for the party as it provides a breathtaking view of the city. It is a truly special place where we are certain to experience some unique moments and, hopefully, enjoy a one of a kind sunset. ALTCVA aims to create a context for a perfect musical interaction between the artists and the public. We are trying to create a community eager to evolve through art and culture, by bringing together people with similar passions, ideas and values. Though each individual is different, we have a common love for all arts and music. We are different together, as one may say, and we want to create a new world. Our world.” explains Dorin Cartarescu, founder of ALTCVA.

Meet us in the sky ☼

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