YENI – Take 5 interview

YENI - Take 5 interview

Take 5 – YENI

We sat down with Cyborgs In Love boss YENI to discuss some of her favourite performances, clubs & even being asked to perform with one CDJ. Read more about it below.


Joseph Barnes: Where is your favourite place to perform and why?
YENI: Sisyphos Berlin, Germany… because it’s a great mix of dark harder Techno floors & outdoor house floors. It’s a club where you can stay some days and enjoy the music.


Joseph Barnes: Nature One Festival, Germany
YENI: … it’s a great and huge festival with lovely stages & bunkers and I really enjoyed playing there.

Joseph Barnes: Sector Evolution in Dresden, Germany
YENI: … because they have huge sound systems & great people.


Joseph Barnes: Globull Bulle, Switzerland
YENI: … I am playing there quite a lot and I really enjoy that I can even play the Berlin kind of Techno and people really enjoy it.


Joseph Barnes: Can you remember your first performance? How did it go?
YENI: It was 7 years ago and I was super excited. I guess my set was not the best but everyone has to have the first gig and learn from the experiences.


Joseph Barnes: Do you have any horror stories from your early days of performing?
YENI: I once played an Off-Sonar show where we had 1 CDJ and I had to start performing and was asking if we at least get a 2nd one to start the set and the organizer told me “can you not at least start and pretend to mix so we can get the party started?”.  I put in the auto-play mode of the CDJ and disappeared from the stage until we got the 2nd player. ☺


Joseph Barnes: You have performed at clubs and festivals across Europe and the USA and as far away as Asia and India. Is there any particular one that stands out in your mind? If you could return to any of them, which would be first on your list?
YENI: There are some like ISF Festival in Vieste, Italy. Circolo Degli Illuminati in Rome, as mentioned before Sisyphos in Berlin, also Feel Festival in Germany, Tao Terrace in Bangalore, Jenja in Bali and Era in Cape Town. I loved the experiences there.

Joseph Barnes: Who are your favourite DJ’s to share a billing with?
YENI: Marcel Dettman, Richie Hawtin, Pan Pot, Ben Klock, Dax-J, Bjarki, Ellen Allien.


Joseph Barnes: What would be your dream lineup for a club night?
YENI: Marcel Dettman, Richie Hawtin, Pan Pot, Ben Klock, Dax-J, Bjarki, Ellen Allien.


Joseph Barnes: Do you any particular feelings related to back-to-back sets? Have you done many?
YENI: Yes, I did them a lot and also with the resident DJs from the clubs I played at and I found out that some of these guys are amazing DJs. I once had the challenge to play with a drunk DJ-girl in Stuttgart and it was hard to keep the quality of our set since she really wasted herself and beat-matching suffered from it and she really played weird tracks but also that needs to get managed professionally ☺ But I sometimes enjoy b2b sets but sometimes also enjoy to play alone. It depends a bit.


Joseph Barnes: What is the best performance you have seen?
YENI: Dubfire @ Timewarp last year.


Joseph Barnes: Is there anyone you haven’t seen perform yet but would love to?
YENI: Jeff Mills. <3


Interview by Joseph Barnes

We Are Cyborgs Vol. 1 is out 04/05 on Cyborgs In Love.

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