Nacho Oncina – Take 5 interview [Cenital Music]

Nacho Oncina - take 5 interview

Take 5 – Nacho Oncina [Cenital Music]


Boss of Cenital Music; Nacho Oncina, talks with us about their latest release which is a remix EP of Cenital’s recent ‘Ekkohaus – E For Ekko‘. He discusses how the EP came about, who is on board, and what to expect from Cenital in future. Check it out below.


Joseph Barnes: Could you tell us a bit about the E For Ekko remixes͛ EP? How did it come about? How do you feel it compares to the original EP?

Nacho Oncina: When Ekkohaus offered me their music and release an EP, I suggested the option of adding one or two remixes. When I was shuffling names, I realized that there were too many artists that I wanted to count on for this EP. So, instead of adding them to the original EP, we decided to do it in a separate release. And I really think the result has been very good since it brings a good variety of visions of the original tracks.

Joseph Barnes: How were the remixers chosen for this EP? Was it conscious decision to have such varied remixes on the release or did it happen organically?

Nacho Oncina: At first, I knew I wanted to have Marcos In Dub, who is now at an exceptional moment, and the other names emerged shortly after. All the remixers are good friends and have different producing styles that I knew would totally enrich the set. I wanted a deep touch, a tech touch, a housy touch… The truth is that the result is very difficult to improve.


Joseph Barnes: What have been some of the high points for Cenital Music?

Nacho Oncina: Cenital is a label that is not yet one year old. We are babies! The truth is that in these months we are growing little by little and each release has better reception than the previous one, and right now with these two releases we are in an excellent moment.


Joseph Barnes: What release on Cenital Music are you most proud of?

Nacho Oncina: I think that every release we have published so far is wonderful, but if I have to highlight some of them, I recommend the works of Thimble, Bitter-Suss, Ebar or Leebo Freeman, and the first compilation of the Focus On series. But all deserve careful listening because they are all superb!


Joseph Barnes: Should we expect more to come out Cenital Music this year?

Nacho Oncina: Sure! There are planned releases of Arran Trax, 11.OFF, DAAR or Tecknoise, plus a couple of compilations, and even a tribute to Carl Sagan, devised alongside the great Hyman Bass. The rest will be a surprise.


Joseph Barnes: Are there any artists you would like to see releasing music on Cenital Music in the future?

Nacho Oncina: From Spain, I would like Marc Piñol, Fernando Lagreca, Pional, Uner or Simon Garcia. International I would like Brassica, Red Axes, Maceo Plex, Booka Shade or Aril Brikha. If given the choice…!


Joseph Barnes: Who are some artists that you have been enjoying listening to recently?

Nacho Oncina: The thing is that in the last months every time I go out at night in Madrid, I have avoided parties with big names to choose small events or clubs where residents do wonders. Whenever I listen to Ivan Smoka aka Disco Felino, Be.Lanuit, Alvaro Cabana or Diskoan, to name a few, I really enjoy and discover new music. Resident DJs rules!


Joseph Barnes: What are your favourite tracks from the year so far?

Nacho Oncina: Friends of the label Envy Music released an EP called Sweet High, by the hand of Jeff Mental. It’s a delight that I could not get out of my head for weeks, both the original theme and the remixes. Highly recommended I’ve also been playing a lot ‘Vanishing Point’ by A Sagittariun and ‘One More Fluorescent Rush’ by Avalon Emerson, although they came out in 2017.

Joseph Barnes: What do you feel are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the artist lead, independent electronic labels that exist today?

Nacho Oncina: For independent labels, our main weakness is economic, for obvious reasons. But our main strength is the freedom of sound. For example, in Cenital I look for quality beyond tags and styles, and I can publish less known artists or styles less focused on the dance floor if they really bring quality. The strongest and most consolidated and famous labels are more limited in this, since their followers may not understand if they release music of different styles or new-come and unknown artists.


Joseph Barnes: What is some advice you would give to a young DJ/producer just starting out?

Nacho Oncina: They must put passion and love in what they do, must work hard to achieve their goals, be strong to face the obstacles and disappointments they will find on the road and above all, they must enjoy everything!


Interview by Joseph Barnes


Ekkohaus – E For Ekko (The Remixes) is out now exclusively on Beatport. Buy it here.

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