Misbits’ Pick: Sconosciuti – Polvere Siamo E Polvere Ritorneremo

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  • March 21, 2018May 18, 2019

Sconosciuti – Polvere Siamo E Polvere Ritorneremo

Misbits‘ pick for this month really took us by surprise, a slightly abrupt shift to a more melodic side of house music. BAL is a vinyl only imprint from Florence, Italy, created by Andrea Bigi and Marius Laurentiu to become their own private playground to express their ideas about house & techno, sampled with a lot funky soul and jazz.

Already at its fifth release, BAL comes this month with a 3 tracker from Sconosciuti (Andrea & Marius). The whole EP develops itself like a 2 chapter story, as Side A introduces us to the general groove and dreamy lo-fi atmosphere. Same punchy kick will follow us on Side B, following the ghostly samples and obsessive piano chords. Don’t be fooled by the softness displayed at the surface, chances are you’d already danced to this one 😉

Sconosciuti – Polvere Siamo E Polvere Ritorneremo is still available at Misbits Record Shop, you can grab your copy from here


Artist: Sconosciuti
Title: Polvere Siamo E Polvere Ritorneremo
Label: BAL
Release date: 01.2018
Format: Vinyl-only

words by: Vixi


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