“Spaced Invaders” by Gatto will take you into a sci-fi musical trip

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“Spaced Invaders” by Gatto will take you into a sci-fi musical trip

“Spaced Invaders” was one of the tracks on Flemcy’s “Brighton” album, the most representative track of the album according to DJ Mag España. When Gatto showed the label the two alternate mixes, they immediately had an EP to release on its own.

“Spaced Invaders” was going to be a remix of another track which through the creative process took on a life of its own. The classic analog elements/sounds/effects brought thoughts of classic video games like Space Invaders and the film The Matrix”, explains Gatto.

These three beauties sit somewhere between electronic, classic progressive house and deep house, reminiscent of Michael Mayer, Gui Boratto or even Deadmau5.

01. Spaced Invaders (Original Mix)
02. Spaced Invaders (Analog Drone Mix)
03. Spaced Invaders (Deep in Space Mix)

TITLE: Spaced Invaders
LABEL: Flemcy Music
CAT. #: FLEM024
GENRE: Electronica
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 19/09/2017


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