feeder sound 132 mixed by Oskar Szafraniec [BUSZ]

feeder sound 132 mixed by Oskar Szafraniec

feeder sound 132 mixed by Oskar Szafraniec [BUSZ]

Music is the answer for this summer weekend. Oskar Szafraniec, based in Berlin recorded an interesting set for the weekly column feeder sound. After multiple musical journeys and experiments, dj & producer, Oskar Szafraniec started to put out music that deeply reflects his own personal journey through this world. He collaborated with Ricardo Villalobos on Rawax and now he’s working with Pier Bucci under their BUSZ moniker for an album dropping at the end of the year.


#Happy #sunny and #party is how we could describe what we hear from this dj & producer, that is experimenting with any means necessary to find something different.

“I like to stay somewhere between dream and reality. It’s always been this way for me with music. Dreamy nights at CDV in Berlin, full of passionate people. That’s what my music and DJ sets are about. United to dance and dream together on one dance floor, all equal, in the trip.” – Oskar Szafraniec

With a deep understanding of sound and frequencies, Oskar brings a lot of contrast in his set for feeder sound, flying from happiness to introspection, from dance to meditative thoughts. This mix will get you on a journey in all shades and colours of the musical spectre.

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Oskar Szafraniec on soundclound | facebook | BUSZ on deejay.de
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