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this week on feeder

Last updated on February 6th, 2017 at 11:02 pm

This week on feeder #4

Only one month left of winter, but the cold is still out there. The following days on feeder are packed with some absorbing articles that will keep your warm and cozy. Here’s what’s next:


this week on feeder

feeder insider w/ Alex Niggeman

We’re travelling to Germany for the latest feeder insider interview to meet Alex Niggeman, a DJ and producer who set out to further blur any remaining boundaries between house and techno, gravitating towards the melancholic atmospheres.


feeder sound 114 mixed by IULY.B

feeder sound 114 mixed by IULY.B [Visionquest]

IULY.B from Iași is rapidly making a name for himself with his distinctive musical style in the house-techno scene, having releases on well-known imprints such as Visionquest, Infuse, Memoria Recordings and Vatos Locos with David Gtronic. feeder sound 114 mixed by IULY.B contain a lot of nice tracks. Enjoy!


cutarica & ada la lente

BTLT: Pict─âm pere╚Ťi #02 @ Lente

This weekend the walls of Lente went for a second makeover. The culprits? CUTĂRICĂ and Ada Mușat. We have all the details about how it went down.


this week on feeder

EP Review: LIZZ & Doubtingthomas – Endz013

The collaborations between LIZZ and Eastenderz keep coming and with this one there’s a special guest – Doubtingthomas. More details soon!


top 10 most exciting festivals 2017

TOP 10 most exciting festivals in 2017, Romania

ThereÔÇÖs no better way to kick off┬á2017┬áthan with a festival! Well, itÔÇÖs not that time yet, but everybody is thinking about it. You told us┬áwhich festivals got you the most excited for 2017 and the results are here.


european festivals 2017

LIST: 15 European festivals for a memorable summer

Festival season will soon be upon us and after we established the most exciting festivals in Romania for 2017, it’s time to go international.

this week on feeder

feeder newsletter #99

The best articles from┬áfeeder┬áright into your┬áinbox, a secret link to the newest feeder sound and many other surprises wait for you in this weekÔÇÖs newsletter! Subscribe┬áhere.


how to post on feeder

How to post on feeder

Now you can┬ásubmit┬áyour own┬áevent┬áto┬áfeederÔÇśs infamous┬ácalendar, where one can find a┬ácarefully curated selection of┬áBucharestÔÇśs┬áday-time┬áactivities and nightlife indulgences, tailored for┬áthe┬áalternative nation. Or you can contribute with your own article, text, images and video.

We are constantly expanding so feel free to submit events or articles from all over Romania and Europe, especially if your event features artists, designers and/or musicians we are promoting through feeder insider and sound series.


Words by Vlad Dumitrescu

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