Tzinah Family Showcase w/ Primărie & Adrianho @ LaGazette

Tzinah Famly Showcase

Tzinah Famly Showcase

Tzinah Family Showcase w/ Primărie & Adrianho @ LaGazette
29 August, 23:00

We are a family and we act like one by supporting our artists and constantly developing a sound that stands out from nowaydays’ standardized music scene.
Aiming at spreading a unique sound that combines all elements that are surrounding our soul everyday and interact with our lives, we are a family of like-minded people, each of us brings together these elements to form diverse shades of deep house and techno patterns from the Romanian underground scene.


feeder insider w/ Primărie


Tzinah Guestlist available. We’ve created Tzinah Guestlist for those eager to ride on the same underground wave with us, for those that enjoy what we do and for those that want to catch as many Tzinah Showcases as possible, either they happen in Romania or anywhere else on the world’s map. You will pay less and receive a little gift from us. Surprize! 🙂

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