KOMPAKT TOTAL Compilation #15 out August 17

KOMPAKT TOTAL Compilation #15 out August 17

TOTAL Compilation #15 out August 17

The TOTAL compilation series returns in 2015 for its 15th installment, with an ample array of tunes from revered Kompakt mainstays like WASSERMANN aka Wolfgang Voigt, SUPERPITCHER, JÜRGEN PAAPE, MICHAEL MAYER and more – yet, the overall stance and actual content of TOTAL 15 feels just as fresh, thrilling and playful as back in 1999, when the first TOTAL hit those tool-infested record shelves like an asteroid a dinosaur population.

This might have to do with the sheer talent and – most importantly – the unabated creative drive obvious in the work from both upcoming and seasoned producers such as GUI BORATTO, DAUWD, VERMONT, SASCHIENNE, COMA, DAVE DK, MATIAS AGUAYO, JOHN TEJADA and more. As per usual, we take the opportunity of a new TOTAL compilation to present bestsellers and favorites from our current catalogue – check out the cuts from KÖLSCH, AUDION, TERRANOVA, AGORIA, REX THE DOG or BLOND:ISH and relive some of the best floor moments in recent club memory.

Track listing:

01. Kölsch – DerDieDas
02- Audion feat. Troels Abrahamsen – Dem Howl
03. Michael Mayer – Humm
04. Patrice Bäumel – The Vanishing
05. Terranova feat. Lydmor & Bon Homme – Skin & Bones
06. Agoria – Baptême (LuckyBlue Eyes Version – Agoria Retouch)
07. Guy Mantzur & Roy RosenfelD – Epika
08. Gui Boratto – 22
09. Jürgen Paape – Manipuri
10. Dave DK – Smukke Lyde
11. Weval – Gimme Some (Hunter/Game Mix)
12. John Tejada – Two O One

01. COMA – Lora
02. Saschienne – Chambre Bleue
03. Matias Aguayo – Run Away From The Sun
04. Vermont – Majestät (DJ Tennis Edit)
05. Dauwd – Jupiter George
06. Hunter/Game – Bermuda
07. Wassermann – Eisen Mein Herz
08. Superpitcher – Freiherr
09. Reinhard Voigt – The Buddy
10. Rex The Dog – Sicko
11. Blond:ish feat. Audysea – Stolen Romance
12. The Black Frame – Sacrocanct

A1. Wassermann – Eisen Mein Herz
A2. Jürgen Paape – Manipuri
B1. Michael Mayer – Humm
B2. Superpitcher – Freiherr
C1. Weval – Gimme Some (Hunter/Game Mix)
C2. Patrice Bäumel – Fenomeno
D1. Voigt & Voigt – Akira (Reeperbahn Mix)
D2. The Black Frame – Sacrosanct


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