LSD poetry

lsd poetry

LSD poetry is open to multiple interpretations.
Various layers of meanings.
Resonance. Ethereal beauty.
Feel free to join us in a beatific summer evening.
From 19.00 till 23.00

Thu 6th of Aug
@ Teatrul de vara CAPITOL MMIX / © Save or Cancel

5 thoughts on “LSD poetry”

  1. Omule plin de fucking si de real, ia un trip si stai o zi in Soare, pe plaja. Cu cineva care iti place for real. Si apoi vino si priveste detasat la ce ai scris/transmis.
    Sper sa intelegi atunci mai bine ce se intampla cand arunci cu ura si cu noroi in oamenii care traiesc in “realitatea” diferita de “a ta”.
    Pace tie, oricine ai fi ! Iar daca vrei sa stii cine e “unreal” si e fake, te invitam diseara la Capitol.
    Esti binevenit(a).

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