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Kathy Diamond

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Cabaret Voltaire Presents:
Kathy Diamond & Soft Rocks LIVE
Cabaret Club
Lacul Tei
Vineri 17th


Kathy Diamond has to be (as Hip Hop diggers would probably put it) one of the most ‘slept on’ artists out there. Her LP “Miss Diamond to You” was one of last years best releases, she’s been getting props from Pitchfork media, XLR8R and The Village Voice, and has collaborated with the likes of Toby Tobias, Low Motion Disco and Aeroplane. Together with Soft Rocks, she’ll be doing a LIVE PA for us this Friday…

Check out her stonking single ‘All Woman’ here. It’s worth following the link just to watch the video montage, which looks like it’s been put together by some mentalist fan who lives with his mum in a bedsit and has a shrine to Kathy Diamond in his wardrobe.

Soft Rocks, meanwhile, is a mysterious Brighton DJ, responsible for some of the most sought-after disco re-edits out there, and a damn fine DJ to boot. Check out one of his mixes, entitled Weirdy Beardy, here:

WARNING: Don’t confuse a Soft Rocks Mix with ‘A Soft Rock Mix’, of which the following is a prime example. It contains tracks by Blink 182 and Eagle Eye Cherry. It describes itself as a “most awesome soft rock mix”. Dude! Way to go! Click below to check it our. Actually, don’t.


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