Nunki Bay Starship – Unscramble

Nunki Bay Starship - Unscramble

Nunki Bay Starship dropped a live-action music video

The crew of Nunki Bay Starship have taken hold of the vast fabric of musicality and tied it together at its four corners, ultimately forming a bundle where everything coexists harmoniously: pop, neosoul, jazz, psychedelic music, or R&B; laughter, tears, partying, trash memes, collective breathing exercises during concerts; lyrics delving into the subtle mysteries of brain function, God, death, or even an entirely ordinary brownie. This is how their own conception of an “audiovisual wormhole” came into being, where their musical days are spent.

After their latest EP “From a Proper Distance” was released in 2021 the band took a brief creative hiatus in 2022. During this time, the new lineup matured, and they successfully refined and redefined themselves musically. The first fruit of this endeavor was the single “Summer Camp Memories” released in February 2023, followed by their recent release, “Unscramble” accompanied by their most ambitious live-action music video.

“Unscramble” is a captivating and introspective song that delves into the experiences of living with ADHD. Drawing inspiration from artists like Charlotte Dos Santos and Erykah Badu, the song blends slow-paced and quirky ballade-like elements with neosoul, pop, and electronica vibes. The powerful refrains and the heavy bridge featuring a fast synth solo and layered spoken word create a dynamic and dark touch. The song’s diverse genre influences and emotionally charged lyrics aim to raise awareness and provide a relatable experience for listeners” – said the Budapest-based quartet about the song.

The accompanying live-action music video showcases a huge brain as the main character, facing distracting and adventurous situations on his way to a date, highlighting the challenges of managing tasks for neurodiverse individuals. The lyrics vividly depict the struggle of a scrambled brain, emphasizing the yearning for clarity and focus. Nunki Bay Starship will have small summer tour around Hungary.

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