Feed Your Mind on Tour @ Visssual Brașov

Feed Your Mind on Tour @ Visssual Brașov

Feed Your Mind, a thought-provoking platform first seen during AWAKE Festival in 2017, which engages speakers and audiences in meaningful, vivid conversations, just got a major makeover and goes on tour. One of the upcoming visits: May 28th @ Visssual Brașov.

We know feeding your body daily is a priority.
But is FEEDING YOUR MIND daily a priority?
Well, no matter the answer, here is your opportunity to expand your horizons. 💫

Local and national speakers will join the stage to share their expertise with those who are on a constant hunt for knowledge. Topics such as entrepreneurship, environment, social impact, inspiration, technology, future trends, education and many others are ready to be on your plate via sharp speakers and interactive moments.

Raluca Mihăilă – Founder of Utopic Brain
Ciprian Stănescu – Futurist, Social Innovation Solutions
Sergiu Penciu – Digital Expert & Financial Education Professor at BCR
Micu Bogdan – Environmental Entrepreneur

Register for free on www.feedyourmind.ro. Limited seats available, so be fast to reserve yours at FEED YOUR MIND!

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