Rokolectiv Festival – 10 years

Rokolectiv Festival - 10 years

Rokolectiv Festival – 10 years
24-26 Aprilie, 23:00

We celebrate 10 years of Rokolectiv Festival between 23rd and 26th of April in Bucharest’s MNAC (Museum of Contemporary Art) and Halele Carol. It’s been an adventurous, challenging, yet highly entertaining journey, with over 250 legendary and upcoming artists shaping the scenes in sound, music and visual arts, invited to perform in Bucharest over the years.

23.04, MNAC Bucharest / Opening Night, 20.00

Vincent Leroy: “Boreal Halo” (FR)
Pierre Bastien (FR)
Piętnastka (PL)
Aïsha Devi (CH)
(for details check the “Opening Night” event)

24.04, Halele Carol, 23.00

Sillyconductor (RO)
Vaghe Stelle (IT)
DJ Firmeza (AO/PL)
Objekt (DE)
Abdulla Rashim (SE)
Dreamrec (RO)

25-26.04, c, 23.00

N.M.O. (NO)
Gazelle Twin (UK)
Islam Chipsy feat. EEK (EG)
Mondkopf (FR)
Lena Willikens (DE)
Borusiade (RO)
Romansoff (RO)
Dreamrec (RO)

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