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Now you can submit your own event to’s infamous cultural guide which doubles as a calendar, where one can find a carefully curated selection of Romania’s day-time activities and nightlife indulgences, tailored for the alternative nation.

We are constantly expanding our reach so feel free to submit events from all over Romania and Europe, especially if your event features artists, designers and/or musicians we are promoting through feeder insider and sound series.

If your submission fits our niche audience and you bring forward quality and dedication, your event will be approved. Please allow 24-48h for our editors to verify the info and review your event, as the process is not automatic. Scroll down to check your personal dashboard on to see the status of your event.

Thank you! 🙂

Your events, if selected, will be public as soon as our editors review it.

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  • Google typically displays the first 50-60 characters of a title. The events submitted to calendar should use titles based on this formula: [event name] w/ [performers] @ [venue], for example: feeder insider party w/ ABC @ Club.
  • Use this area to provide all the info about your event: date & time, organiser, venue, performers, ticket price, relevant links. Feel free to use bold, insert links and other html formatting. Attention: 1. If you copy/paste your press release from a .pdf or word file, formatting can look weird. To fix this, paste your description as plain text in a common text editor like word, textedit, notepad, or even gmail and then re-copy/paste the result. 2. Do not style your text using ascii. 3. Use a few emoji if you must. ⚡️ Have fun!
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