Roper – Study of letters I | marker on paper


The artwork created by Roper, titled „Study of letters”, is made in 2023 using markers on a 42 x 30 cm white paper, set in a black frame.

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Roper – “Study of letters”, marker on 42 x 30 cm 300 g/m2 paper (50 x 50 cm with frame) 2023

We are excited to present an intriguing paper painting by the graffiti artist Roper, that transcends the conventional boundaries of urban art, offering a mesmerising exploration of anti-style and letterform innovation on a unique canvas – paper.

The focal point of the composition is the artist’s name, “Roper,” boldly emblazoned with a striking yellow ‘R.’ This central letter acts as a visual anchor, demanding attention with its energetic hue. The use of anti-style is evident in Roper’s deliberate departure from conventional lettering, transforming each character into a dynamic and unconventional work of art.

Study of Letters” on paper is a departure from traditional graffiti canvases, offering a tactile and intimate encounter with Roper‘s distinctive style. It is a dynamic study that captures the essence of anti-style, celebrating the rebellious spirit of graffiti while pushing the boundaries of conventional letterform.

Roper created a limited series of 15 works, titled “Study of letters”. The technique used was an alcohol markers on paper, which means that even though we are talking about a series, each 42 x 30 cm is unique. is excited to offer three works from this series for your consideration. View the other two works, here:

Roper – Study of letters II | marker on paper

Roper – Study of letters III | marker on paper

If you are passionate about street art and graffiti you should check the Un-hidden Bucharest exhibition at Lente, on display from October 2023, where you can see Roper‘s “Study of letters I” painting, as well as other artworks, which are available for sale in our online gallery – shop here.


The artwork created by Roper, titled “Study of letters”, was made in 2023 using alcohol markers on a 42 x 30 cm white paper, and set by the artist in a 50 x 50 cm black frame.

Additional information

Weight 650 g
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 7 cm

paper weight

300 grams / m²

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