John Dot S – „Kiker the Voids” (Compounds series) | original painting on canvas


Kiker the Voids” (Compounds series) by John Dot S, spray paint on canvas, triptych, 150 x 40 cm, 2019

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John Dot S – „Kiker the Voids” (Compounds series), spray-paint on canvas, triptych 150 x 40 cm (3 canvases of 50 x 40 cm), 2019

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At the heart of this captivating triptych is the depiction of not one, but three characters, each suspended in a weightless ballet of levitation, in the same position. Their postures convey a sense of harmony and grace amidst the void, as they appear to float effortlessly.

John Dot S employs a masterful blend of spray-paint and meticulous contours to render the characters’ costumes and the surrounding space. The protective suits gleam with a luminescent quality, capturing the reflective nature of their protective gear. The spray-painted  red shadows and voids surrounding them evoke a sense of depth and motion within the cosmic expanse, rendering the astral journey palpable.

This piece serves as an ode to the relentless pursuit of understanding the mysteries that lie beyond our world, where human exploration and the mysteries of the universe converge in a symphony of artistry and adventure. “Kiker the Voids” is an invitation to embark on a journey that transcends the earthly bounds and delves into the ethereal wonders of the cosmos.

About John Dot S

“I like to play with space, either on the street or in abandoned places. I use spray, acrylics to markers, canvas, wood, recycled objects and different sized walls. That’s how I discovered the stencil art technique, a technique not very easy, which effected on me a balance between patience and consistency. The form is quite rigid but permissive, through which I can manipulate and metamorphose a character, a situation, a thought.”- Un-hidden Bucharest interview w/ John Dot S

Learn more about John Dot S reading our Unhidden Bucharest interview, a conversation about stencils, local street art and life, in general.

You can see the murals of John Dot S at the Sibiu International Street Art Festival, Cold Art in Iași, and in different places in Bucharest, such as Arthur Verona Street, where he made, along with Maria Bălan and Robert Obert, a wall. dedicated to the WWF campaign, within Street Delivery. In 2017 he participated in the international festival Upfest in the UK. John Dot S is one of the winners of the open call Un-hidden Bucharest 2018, during which he made the artistic installation SENS, hosted by CNDB at Sala Omnia, in Bucharest. In 2019, John Dot S exhibited at the Rampa One @ Plant Village exhibition together with Maria Bălan and Robert Obert and participated in the Un-hidden Bucharest group exhibition at Romanian Design Week 2019, Central Exhibition, Multidisciplinary Section. In 13 – 16 January 2023, John Dot S participated in the Explorări artistice ale spațiului public (Artistic explorations of public space) group exhibition at ArCub Gabroveni, an event that showcased large studio works by some of the most exciting street artists.

John Dot S is the author of the Compounds project, described by the artist as:

“an exercise, a self-education through which I learn to be more present and attentive to what is happening around me and to the environment in which I live, the idea being that in the future I should not need to protect myself… People in aluminium, the focal point of the project, tell different stories / messages and are always in a situation, sometimes comical at other times less comical. The focus of the Compounds project is towards understanding people to be more present in their lives and what is happening around them, in the environment, as well as the impact of their actions.”


„Kiker the Voids” (Compounds series) by John Dot S, acrylic spray paint on canvas, triptych 150 x 40 cm (3 canvases of 50 x 40 cm), 2019

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