Krips – “Tags” | original painting on canvas


Krips – “Tags”, spray-paint on cotton canvas, 100 x 70 cm, 2022 


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Krips – “Tags”, spray-paint on cotton canvas, 100 x 70 cm, 2022 

Krips is one of the highly active graffiti writers on the Romanian scene, with over 10 years of continuous endeavours. With a passion for trains, metros and urban spaces, Krips paints some of the most esthetical graffiti works you can see around the country. His ability to draw clear, bold letters and his very keen sense of colour are combined in paintings that disrupt the monotonous grey, unkept surfaces that frame urban spaces. 

The canvas serves as a sprawling wall of urban expression, with a deep black background setting the stage for Krips‘ creative vision. Against this inky backdrop, the graffiti artist’s world comes to life. Rows of graffiti tags, each unique and expressive, are meticulously layered, forming a mesmerising mosaic that speaks to the diversity of voices in the graffiti community. Each tag is rendered with white, purple, dark blue, and orange, creating a dazzling array of colours that pop against the black canvas. The tags exhibit a variety of styles, from intricate and ornate to bold and expressive, representing the multifaceted nature of graffiti culture. Drips of paint add a visceral quality to the painting as if each tag was created in the heat of a passionate moment. These drips symbolise the fluidity and urgency of street art, as if the tags are still fresh and wet, embodying the raw essence of graffiti.

Krips – “Tags“, spray-paint on cotton canvas, 100 x 70 cm, 2022


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