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The artwork, titled “Among the Stars”, is a mixed media painting created by Aeul using acrylic paints on a 80 x 60 cm cotton canvas.

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The online gallery expands its graffiti art collection with a new vibrant artwork by Aeul. The “Among the Stars” canvas is painted in 2023, in Romania. Aeul transports us to a realm where imagination knows no bounds.

The canvas is an interstellar window, where the profound deep blue sky is adorned with constellations, inviting us to contemplate the grandeur of the cosmos. The core of this mesmerizing painting lies the boundless expanse of space and the universe.  Within this cosmic tableau, Aeul introduces a host of intriguing characters that stretch the boundaries of reality. Pigs, each infused with their distinct personalities, take centre stage in this celestial performance. Hot air balloons, resplendent with vivid colours, create a vibrant juxtaposition against the infinite blue backdrop. Birds, with wings gracefully extended, accompany the flying pigs, partaking in an intricate ballet between the earthly and the celestial. The flying porcine characters embark on an otherworldly adventure, seemingly in harmony with the universe, demonstrating that dreams and realities can seamlessly coexist.

The artwork, titled “Among the Stars”, is a mixed-media painting created by Aeul using acrylic paints on an 80 x 60 cm cotton canvas. The painting is signed on the front and it comes with an authenticity certificate.

The series consists of distinctive characters made by Aeul, inhabiting different contexts. You are invited to discover more about the other canvases in this series, by following the links below.

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About AEUL

If the Romanian graffiti community had a key symbol, then surely it would be the piggy-dog created by AEUL. Present uptown and downtown, on the streets and on the main road, the piggy established itself a real reputation on the urban scene. Find out more about the elusive artist by reading our feeder insider interview with Aeul.

I don’t think anyone counted them (e.n. the characters), I lost track around 500. Some disappear, some show up…” – AEUL

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Dimensions 80 × 60 × 2 cm

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