Barto – Vision Study III | original painting


The artwork, named “Vision Study III”, is created by Barto using spray paint on an 80 x 80 cm plaster on wood, in 2022.

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Barto – “Vision Study III”, spray paint on plastered wood panel, 80 x 80 cm, 2022

We have the delight of announcing that our online gallery has expanded its art collection with the unique artwork by Barto, named “Vision Study III“.

“Vision Study III,” a captivating painting by the street artist Barto, a masterclass in texture, symbolism, and meticulous detail. Crafted on a unique plaster with rough edges, this artwork transcends traditional boundaries, inviting viewers into a realm of visual exploration.

The central focus of the composition is a singular eye, a mesmerising portal that gazes upward, transcending the constraints of the painting. Rendered with black and white stencils, the eye captures a depth of emotion and introspection. Barto‘s signature, also skilfully incorporated as a stencil, adds a personalised touch to the artwork.

The panel itself, with its rough edges and plaster texture, contributes to the overall tactile experience. It adds a sense of rawness and authenticity, creating a dynamic interplay between the medium and the artist’s vision. The grey plaster background provides a neutral yet textured backdrop, allowing the elements of the composition to stand out vividly.

Two striking red and yellow vertical curved lines, reminiscent of flames, pierce through the plaster. These vibrant elements inject a sense of intensity and dynamism into the artwork, drawing the viewer’s attention with their bold and fiery presence. Contrasting this, a lone blue vertical stripe delicately painted to resemble a starry sky introduces a touch of cosmic tranquility, creating a balance of energy and calmness.

If you are passionate about street art and graffiti you should check the Un-hidden Bucharest exhibition at Lente, on display from October 2023, where you can see Barto‘s “Vision Study III” painting, as well as other artworks, which are available for sale in our online gallery – shop here.

 This unique and amazing piece of work painted by Barto is available for sale exclusively on

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Dimensions 80 × 80 × 8 cm

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