Viața – “Zoologhicer Garten” | original painting on canvas cardboard


The artwork, titled “Zoologhicer Garten, is a colour pencil artwork created by Viața using a colour pencil and marker on a 100 x 70 cm canvas cardboard.

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 Viața – “Zoologhicer Garten”, colour pencils and marker on canvas cardboard, 100 cm X 70 cm, 2009

We are pleased to announce that our online gallery is expanding its art collection with new unique artwork by Viața, the “Zoologhicer Garten” painting.

 “Zoologhicer Garten” an intriguing canvas cardboard painting by the inventive street artist Viața, transforms the surface into a vibrant menagerie of abstract shapes, creating a visual journey through a fantastical and agglomerated jungle. This 100 x 70 cm masterpiece, on cloth cardboard, captures the essence of Viața‘s artistic prowess, utilizing abstract forms to evoke the spirit of a zoological wonderland.

The composition is a kaleidoscopic array of shapes reminiscent of animals—abstract and dynamic. Eyes, noses, mouths, and various animal body parts are meticulously integrated, forming a captivating tapestry that blurs the lines between reality and imagination. Each shape is filled with a riot of colours, creating a visually stimulating and lively atmosphere.

Viața‘s mastery is evident in the use of flat but colourful shapes outlined with precision in black and white marker. The result is a harmonious balance between the bold, dynamic lines and the rich, vibrant hues. The agglomerated jungle comes to life through not symmetrical but equilibrated shapes, each contributing to the overall visual symphony.

“Zoologhicer Garten” invites viewers to explore the intricate details of this unique playground, where every shape tells a story and every colour sparks the imagination. Viața‘s creation is a celebration of the wild and untamed, a mesmerizing portrayal of a zoological garden that exists beyond the boundaries of the ordinary.


 Viața “Zoologhicer Garten” colour pencils and marker on canvas cardboard, 100 cm X 70 cm, 2009


 This unique and amazing piece of work painted by Viața is available for sale at an affordable price exclusively on feeder.ro/shop

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Dimensions 70 × 100 × 0,5 cm


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