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In our online gallery and art shop, you can find some of the most unexpected pieces made by local artists who embed in their artworks the authentic vibe of street art & graffiti. 

This serigraphic print created from an engraving by Pisica Pătrată reveals a complex outdoor scene set in a deforested wasteland bordered by a river, populated by 3 characters – the pensive man who sits by the stream, the overseeing silenced woman and an angry-looking artist who faces blank sheets of paper. One cannot help but wonder about the separateness of their realities and how do they connect.

After many years of drawing and painting on the streets of Romania or in his studio in Bucharest, Pisica Pătrată manages to embed many ideas, concepts and emotions, expressed only through the faces of his characters.

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Dimensions: 21 x 16 cm.

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Pisica Pătrată (the Square Cat) is one of the most acclaimed illustrators and muralists in Romania, and also the founder of the Comic Books Museum. He has an intense activity, with many public appearances, book launches, comics, magazines, personal exhibitions, participation in festivals and a long series of murals. In the Un-hidden street art in Romania book and the map, you can find a good part of the works and artistic installations featuring Pisica Pătrată‘s characters, which reconfigure forgotten spaces in the urban environment, galleries or even museums.

In recent years, we have been happy to have several opportunities to collaborate with Pisica Pătrată by creating one of the most beloved murals in Bucharest and a street art installation on the façade of the Capitol Summer Theatre (2008, 2016, 2017). We exhibited some of his astonishing paintings in multiple collective exhibitions at KubeLentePalatul Universul, Romanian Design Week and Imbold Gallery. In the living room and in the urban garden of Lente, you can find the mural made in 2016, within the series Pictăm Pereți, and the wooden totem Un-hidden Bucharest (2017). Also, in collaboration with the Un-hidden Bucharest project, Pisica Pătrată installed 6 wooden panels on the façade of the Cina building, which hosts the M60 Space (2018). At the end of last year (2020) we invited Pisica Pătrată to paint a large canvas during the feeder sound live session with Primărie. In 2021, we had the pleasure to work again with Pisica Pătrată creating two street art interventions, one in Bucharest, within the Street Art București project, and one in Constanta during the Un-hidden Romania urban regeneration programme.

A part of the collection of wooden art toys assembled and painted by Pisica Pătrată, as well as other limited edition items, are available in the feeder.ro/shop.

You can find out more about the Pisica Pătrată by reading the extended feeder insider interview, browsing the digital catalogue of works or the 300 news and articles indexed in the feeder.ro archive.

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Dimensions 21 × 16 × 0,3 cm

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