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Alhambra Summer Theatre Opening, May 1916

Screen-printing: Octav Avramescu – click the link to see how and when the posters were made
Design: Save or Cancel
Photography © architect Nicolae Nenciulescu, 1916

50 x 70 cm / 270 gsm round grain paper / acid-free, lignin-free mixture of cellulose and cotton / 100% of E.C.F. pulp (Elemental Chlorine Free) / F.S.C. certified (©1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C.) from forests responsibly managed respectfully of environmental, social and economic standards

Printed on 12-13 October 2017, during the Paint-a-monument children’s workshops w/ Serebe (drawing) + Octav (screenprinting), in a small edition of 50 prints.

See the bright yellow colored paper version here.

About the CAPITOL programme

Situated downtown Bucharest, the ensemble of historical monuments CAPITOL Cinema (LMI B-II-m-B-18683), opened as Cinema Clasic, and CAPITOL Summer Theatre (LMI B-II-m-B-19202), initially named Alhambra, occupies the plot of land between 36 Elisabeta Bd. and 13 C-tin Mille St.
In 2017-2018, Save or Cancel proposes a cultural heritage awareness and sensitization campaign, with an application on Capitol Cinema / Theatre Summer, revealing the economic, social and educational potential of all abandoned cultural spaces in Romania, and the involvement of artists and the local community in trans-sectorial, multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects.

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