feeder insider #02 booklet + stickers

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12 years online, feeder.ro acts as Romania’s alternative media agency. We’re celebrating with a selection of 14 interviews that shed light on motivation, process and perception in the arts. Because we really want you to know.

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Last updated on December 24th, 2019 at 12:10 am

feeder insider #02 booklet features interviews with Saddo, Primărie, Brosmind, Livia Coloji, Gus Gus, Karim Rashid, Tokyotoys, Olga Ziemska, Ioana Sisea, Yomsnil, Julie Marghilano, The Model, Borusiade, Roman Tolici.

feeder insider is a series of interviews published weekly on feeder.ro.

The interviews explore the universe surrounding music and visual arts while connecting the local to the international creative scene. In order to expand the dialogue between the Romanian public and the artists we love, we’re sparking off inspiring conversations around today’s artistic landscape with newcomers and veterans alike.

+ 5 stickers, 5 x 7 cm, random assortment

Edition of 500
Published by Save or Cancel
Co-financed by AFCN
Graphic design & cover artwork by Tokyotoys
297 x 210 mm, digital print
Cover 300 gsm
Interior 130 gsm
Printed in Bucharest, Romania, at BlitzPrint
ISSN 2502-0234 | ISSN-L 2502-0234

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 25 × 35.3 × 1 cm

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