feeder insider w/ Andrei Orcula [en]



feeder insider w/ Andrei Orcula

Andrei Orcula is a good example for the inevitable and ceaseless change man is subjected to. Starting off with drawing and on with a handful of photographs, he joined the ranks of those who can freeze time in a frame only to be brought back to the world of pencils and crayons by spirituality.

His evolutionary journey carried him from gigantic advertising structures such as JWT, DDB or Grey closer to more specialized projects like those he did together with Les Ateliers Nomad or Moir Art. His spirit felt an immediate urge to merge with the light and so the mandalas were born as his primary passion – drawing – came back into the limelight.

We discuss life, overcoming challenges, human interactions, technology and all that lies outside of them. Together with Andrei we try to figure out why we do what we do and why we’re always trickling over the burning flame present in every one of us. Better not get ready to find out something, rather read to discover what it is you are looking for.

Keywords: personal development, visual arts, spirituality, consciousness

Hello, Andrei!

Shooting photos helped me… discover a reality, apparently unseen in the everyday life. It opened the door to a conscious conversation with the light.
I draw, therefore… I am.
Music is for me… a means of travelling beyond the mundane.
A place I like in Bucharest is… Gradina Icoanei.
I would never say no to… instinct.
Everyday… I give thanks for everything I was given, for everything that was taken away from me and everything I am left with.
When we talk about food, I count among my favourites… blueberries, avocado and carrots, onion and garlic, orache soup, banana bread, homemade sweets.
Innovation emerges from… authenticity.
3 plastic artists which inspire me… Constantin Brâncuși, Maurits Cornelis Escher, Salvador Dali.

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Oina project, a photographic story about our national sport

Sibiu, Sibiu County, November 2014. One thing about oina is that it can be played almost anywhere, even indoors. © Sorin Vidis

Although virtually unknown abroad, Oina is a game that still has deep roots in Romania, especially in the countryside, where it originated. In certain respects it resembles baseball, and, according to some, it is its ancestor, which has been taken to America by the Transylvanian emigrants of the 19th century. Unlike mainstream sports it doesn’t bring money and fame.

Coruia, Maramures County, August 2014. Pre-training warm up. © Bogdan Boghitoi

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feeder insider w/ Roman Tolici [en]


feeder insider w/ Roman Tolici [en]

He slips by unremarked on the street, always prepared to find amazement in the ordinary and to capture its authentic moments; in the art world however he is impossible to pass unnoticed. Through his meaningful works sparked by profound observation and analysis, spiced up with an equally playful and tragic character, Roman Tolici has gained local and international acclaim, exploring themes such as death, religion, identity, the social and political backdrop and autobiographical elements as well. Born in 1974 in the Ghetlova village of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova and settled in post-December Romania as a stipendiary of the Romanian state where he took animation and graphics courses, Roman Tolici highlights various aspects of life in Eastern Europe in his works while reflecting on universal questions. The 8th of October brings another personal exhibition of the artist at the Mobius Gallery and we took this opportunity to bring into discussion his artistic journey, his way of perceiving reality and the relationship between modern man and art.

keywords: hyperrealism, detail, East, analytical, bunny

I’m an avid consumer of… water.
The first thing I notice about a person… depends on the person. For some people what catches my attention are the eyes, for other, the shoes etc.
I miss… everything. All the time.
My favorite street in Bucharest… Victoriei Street.
Mondays… can be wonderful if you’re vacationing, on the seashore, enjoying the end of the weekend commotion.
I like being surrounded by… the Universe.
Look… Look!
The last dream I had… is impossible to share.
My favorite color… all of them.
3 promising Romanian artists… Brâncuși, Tzara, Bârlădeanu.

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