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STORYBOARD: Ruval, Pavlov, Seme @ Gazette, Cluj

Storyboard @ Gazette

STORYBOARD: Ruval, Pavlov, Seme @ Gazette, Cluj
30 Octombrie, 23:00

A new night of music delight this Friday up on the hill.
Our special guest this time is Ruval; and this is how he presents himself in a few words:

Well…everything started in 2008 when i learned to play music, until then i was just a listener. At that time i was a child. I didn’t appreciate music and the work involved in makin’ music. In time I discovered more music, more places and a lot of great people that helped me see clearer what music is all about.
When I have time I like to relax my mind and soul with some orchestral or ambient music. It makes me dream and think of all kind of crazy things. I let myself influenced by artist like – ZIP, ARPIAR, RICARDO, CEZAR, HERODOT, SIT, but I also follow new artists which are delivering some hypnotic new sounds.
My future plans are to discover more music and make more beautiful friends.

feeder sound #46 mixed by Ruval Read More »STORYBOARD: Ruval, Pavlov, Seme @ Gazette, Cluj

XDB [Panorama Bar / DE], FLVN, dannilov @ La Gazette, Cluj

La Gazette
XDB [Panorama Bar / DE], FLVN, dannilov @ La Gazette, Cluj
24 Octombrie, 23:00
XDB is Kosta Athanassiadis – German by birth and in residence, with Greek parentage. His roots are in the central German town of Go¨ttingen. It was here that he began DJing in the early nineties; where he worked in a record shop; where he ran a radio show for five years; and the base from which he established the Metrolux record label in 2006.
Kosta’s DJ sets draw upon his expansive record collection, playing right across the board of electronic music. He has no shortage of technical skill but it’s his selection that truly shines – putting the music itself at the forefront, letting songs breathe when need be, and delivering plenty of head-scratching “what the hell is this track?” moments.Read More »XDB [Panorama Bar / DE], FLVN, dannilov @ La Gazette, Cluj

Porno Groove: Soft Rocks [UK], Glu @ LaGazette, Cluj

øøø Porno Groove øøø Soft Rocks [UK] // Glu

Porno Groove: Soft Rocks [UK], Glu @ LaGazette, Cluj
16 Octombrie, 23:00

Soft Rocks [UK]

…are 4 Brighton based djs and producers with a relaxed attitude to copyright law.

Soft Rocks hobbled onto the scene in 2003. Their first record was notable for predating current re-edit mania by some years, and being the only one of their own releases so far not to have a pressing fault or printing error. Spurred on by this success, Soft Rocks immediately went dormant for a year.

Since then, things have got marginally more serious. But only marginally. They set up two sister labels; Disco Powerplay and Chocolate Love for edits, whilst Soft Rocks Recordings focuses mainly on original(ish) material. Remixes have trickled in for the likes of Lo Motion Disco, MGMT, Disco Sessions & Chris Coco, some of which you can even buy in the shops.Read More »Porno Groove: Soft Rocks [UK], Glu @ LaGazette, Cluj


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Sambata, 30 Mai @ La Gazette (Cluj), se intampla: JB & DEX Si facem asa: hip-hop/funk/jazz/disco/latin/broken/breaks & other electronics

The Heart Breakaz

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The Heart Breakaz , cu Blanilla, D-Fact, Melak Sambata, 14 feb 2009, La Gazette, Cluj


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BLANILLA 17 ianuarie 2009 La Gazette (Str Clinicilor 16, Cluj) 5 ron